The 7 Rules for Making Friends at Work

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Making Friends

Know the dos and don’ts before you make any friends at the workplace

Friendships play an important role at the workplace. In fact, work friendships can be crucial to job satisfaction. According to a research, job morale tends to be higher when you’re able to empathize with co-workers about tough projects or celebrate a company success with an office party. And in most jobs, you see the same people day after day, so building relationships with them is important.

However, it is important to remember that like office romances, office friendships have their own set of rules, especially since the office is a competitive environment. Sometime you do need to hire jaipur escorts to get out of this mess, or dont want to waste your efforts. Don’t abstain from making friends with your co-workers, just be careful.

DO Pick the right social circle:

It’s safer to become buddies with someone from another department while keeping it casual with the person you share your cubicle with. After all, that buddy next to you may end up shooting for the same promotion –and if the friendship sours, you’re stuck with the awkwardness of seeing each other all day long.

DON’T lose focus:

Don’t forget that you’re on company time. Work comes first, friendship second. If the place offers after-hours activities or parties, there’s your cue that it’s a more social and casual place, and you should feel free to tag along and unwind.

DO gossip, but wisely:

Swapping stories can be an important bonding ritual, provided you never cross the line between good and bad chatter. Here’s an example… Good: “Did you hear So-and so is getting married? Isn’t that great?” Bad: “I can’t believe someone is actually marrying So-and-so!” If the talk gets ugly, don’t join in the nastiness.

DON’T let loose:

Friendships with bosses or assistants are trickier because they have built-in power imbalances. Plus, a co-worker could one day be your boss. So, always remember one word with all these relationships: professionalism.

DO watch for hidden pitfalls:

Office pals often lean on each other for professional assistance. That’s OK if the project is important to the company or you have the extra time. But don’t do this at the cost of your own work, strike a balance.

DON’T forget them once you’re promoted:

If you get promoted, don’t dump the friends who have now become your subordinates. It may be necessary to tell them that you value their friendship, but you’ll need to set up new ground rules.

DON’T assume that everyone wants to be friends:

Pass along a birthday card to a colleague in an attempt to take things to a personal level. But don’t expect one in return: What you may think is a friendship, could be a mere business relationship for the other.

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