Are Jaipur Escorts High Maintenance?

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March 16, 2019
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March 16, 2019
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High Maintenance

Guys can smell a high maintenance woman from afar – after all, it is their wallet that they gotta take care of. They have their own ways of finding out if you are a high maintenance jaipur escort or not… So, if you want to persuade your man that you’re not a high maintenance jaipur escort, here are a few don’ts…

  1. She needs to be in control

You need to feel that it is your call; your way or the highway. It’s up to the men, then to show you otherwise. And they will, in some time, if you continue like this…

  1. You’re socially inept

You only hang out with people who can offer you something, and you are a social burden the rest of the time, eating into his good times and peace of mind.

  1. You’re difficult to please

No matter what he does or says, you want something else. No matter how much he tries to please you, he will always fall short. You have never cracked a smile and have a tendency to rain on his parade always.

  1. You don’t know the definition of sacrifice

Relationships are meant to be about compromise, but for you, it’s more of selfishness. If he has to bend and adapt to all your needs, yet all you give him are ultimatums… don’t fret if he packs and runs.

  1. You’re not comfortable with yourself

Men like attractive jaipur escort who take care of themselves, but they also want women who can be themselves — track pants, ponytails and all. If you need a wall of gunk on you face to look him in the eyes, then you just might have an issue…

  1. Bills, bills, bills

Your answering machine greets him with the Destiny’s Child tune. He has never seen your wallet, you have never paid for a thing, and the only bills you’re accustomed to are the credit card kind.

  1. You have irrational demands

Like wanting to drink Dom Perpignan all the time, or refuse to get out of the house unless a chauffeur driven E-Class isn’t ready and waiting….

  1. Going out is like a countdown to eternity

Going out for a night should be more fun than this, but if he has to give you a 48-hour heads up when you want to go out, since getting ready entails calling in the jaws of life, especially considering that you pancake up your face for hours….

  1. Stop being daddy’s girl

So, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and require the help of servants to remove it. Your idea of protection is the insurance clauses on your daddy’s credit card.

  1. Don’t be unfair

So you ask him to drive you somewhere, and then yell at him for being stuck in traffic. Or during that romantic walk you get peeved at him because it starts to rain. He stops by to surprise you with pizza, but you blast him for not getting burgers….


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