How to keep the spark alive in a Long distance relation?

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March 18, 2019
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keep the spark alive

Love is a beautiful feeling and lovers always want to stay together. But what if both the lovers are miles away? Then this wonderful feeling becomes pangs of loneliness and great self restraint to avoid being swayed away towards other members of opposite sex. Long Distance love is not only painful to hear but also difficult to maintain.

Every couple has a unique reason for staying away, but all of them have the same concern: How to make their long distance love a success? Following tips will help you maintain a long-distance relationship:

Ø Communicate: Good communication is the key. No relationship lasts without communiqué. The first thing on your list should be to be in regular touch. Make sure, that you talk a lot, share all the stuff that you would have, assuming that you are close to each other. Remember, the less you see, the more you need to hear from each other.

Pick up the phone or sit in front of computer everyday and chat with your partner for at least 15 minutes. Instant Messages like gmail, yahoo, msn, etc. are a great and a reasonable way to keep in touch. Plus, everyone loves the emoticons. 🙂

Send an email or e-greeting, expressing your love. Also, receiving a letter from the regular posts creates magic.

It is also essential to talk beyond love and “miss you’s”. In order to retain the sense of belongingness and dependency on each other, discuss about your daily life, ups and downs.

It’s not passion that ends long distance love, but usually lack of communication, and hence it is essential that you dream and plan for the next holiday in order to show that you still care and are there always.

When couples are able to communicate to each other the love, care and concern in a long distance relationship effectively, the spark never dies away and love wins the game of life.

Ø Keep his/her picture with you and send some of yours to your love. This is a significant step to survive long distance love since you two can’t be together physically.

Ø If possible plan visits. This may not be possible in all cases but try your level best and never miss a chance to visit your love partner. In cases where partners are thousand miles apart, plan an online date – get dressed, create a romantic atmosphere and then with the help of web cam and headphone feel your partner with you. In short, enjoy your e-date. This will help you to keep the magic of love alive.

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Though it is difficult, but it is not impossible to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship. So, don’t let the distance in miles affect your love.

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